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Is your home in need of a new coat of paint? Are you ready to make a difference by choosing from a vast range of wall colors? Sam and Son Painting provides professional painting and drywall services in West Chicago, IL. I have been a dependable painting contractor for years and will be glad to share some more details about my work with you here


I Offer:

House Painting

House Painting
I specialize in residential painting. I consider myself to be an integral part of beautifying the area by applying magnificent and durable paint and finishes to the exterior walls of houses. I have the necessary tools and quality products to rectify any defects on the wall first. To observe how your home transforms with no effort from you, give me a call. I will advise you about the latest trends in the industry and what colors would suit your particular property.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting
To achieve maximum efficiency as a reliable painting service provider, I focus my attention on wall preparation. I use pressure washers to remove dirt, dust, and stains. Then, I remove the old layer of paint and repair the wall concealing any minor imperfections. Sanding and spackling are the other two processes I perform to make the surface smooth and even. In the end, I will prime the walls and apply several coats of the selected paint color.

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair
Drywall patching the most common method I carry out in my practice, and to fix any holes, cracks, dents, and other defects on the wall, I use high-quality compounds and tools. It is a very tricky task. I utilize a variety of tools and products to restore the evenness of the surface. Drywall repair is a multi-step process that encompasses thorough cleaning of the hole, removing any loose debris, and filling it with a drywall compound using a putty knife. I will finish the surface afterward and can even apply a texture.


Many Advantages

My professional painting service provides a plethora of benefits for you, your property, and the entire neighborhood. I am a diligent and patient painter who will go through all the phases of the process carefully. My ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect finish with my effective working techniques. When I repaint your house regularly, I will take care of the structural integrity and stability and prevent decay within your house structure. 

Schedule a Professional Consultation

I am aware of all the stages of the exterior house painting process. Starting with color consultation and finishing with a gorgeous and durable coat of paint, I am a specialist who understands my clients’ needs and desires. We will have a conversation about your color choices and what you expect as a final result. After booking a date for the work to start, I will bring all my professional tools, products, and equipment and prepare the surfaces. 

For a high-quality exterior painting service, contact the expert in West Chicago, IL. Sam and Son Painting is a company that won’t disappoint you. If you have any inquiries, contact me now

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Client’s Testimonial

Exterior painting

We recently hired Sam and his team to paint the outside of home, and deck. They power washed both, sanded and replaced wood on our deck and painted both, with excellent precision, I am not contracting them to do patch work and painting throughout my upstairs hallways, Well done gentlemen and thank you!

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